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I hear and I forget
I see and remember
I do and I understand
Ancient Chinese Proverb

The power of using Improv for training

You may be used to thinking of corporate training as either on-line interactive training software or a lecture where you are imparted with knowledge. Both of these passive forms of learning won’t have the same impact as an active learning environment like what we provide through the ImprovThis workshops.

Improv This conducts our workshops using an “active learning” model of teaching.  What is active learning?  It is a form of teaching where we nurture your creative thinking and encourage you to apply the ideas we present into a course of action that works for you.

4 pedigreed bullet points that show why an ImprovThis workshop will be an effective form of learning for you:

Active participation

According to the ASHE-ERIC Higher Education Reports, actively participating creates an ‘Enhanced Learning Environment’ which garners higher levels of participation.

Why Improv

Improved creativity and application of concepts

Another recent study shows active learning provides better “memory, problem-solving skills, and the ability to apply knowledge.”
The researchers found “that active learning is one of the most efficient methods in developing creativity in general education.”
(Learn more from research at the World Academy of Science, Engineering, and Technology. )

Better retention of the concepts

A recent study looked at the impact on long-term knowledge retention between a group of students who were taught using traditional methods and one taught using active learning where they took an active role in the subject being taught.
Spoiler alert: After eight months the active learning group had a 16% higher retention rate.
(Learn more from this research paper)

Improv is fun

Having fun while learning helps participants ‘achieve higher levels of cognition, make connections, and experience “aha” moments.’
(Learn more from Psychology Today)

Why Improv

Why ImprovThis?

ImprovThis works with you to create a customized workshop specifically designed to meet your specific needs. We’ll work with you so it will be different from other corporate training options in the following ways:

  • ImprovThis uses an active learning methodology. We teach in a way skills are most likely to be retained.
  • Only about 20% of the workshop is in a lecture format.
  • We have fun! Fun is not a byproduct, it is a main goal of the workshops.
  • The activities are not abstract skills, they are presented using real-life situations.
  • Discussions after each activity talk about how skills can be used in everyday situations.
  • No one person, regardless of positional authority or personality, can monopolize the experience.
  • Each participant gets individualized instruction and attention, everyone participates fully.
  • The value of working effectively with your teammates is stressed.
  • We build a win-win, supportive environment and teach how to create it outside the workshop.
  • We create a structured ‘next steps and follow up plan’ for each participant to keep the skills fresh after the workshop.
  • There are no “Test your knowledge” screens anywhere, in any of our workshops!

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