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F U N. L E A R N. C O N N E C T.



About ImprovThis:

We specialize in creating and facilitating fun, interactive team building workshops for business professionals.

We work with you to custom design a program that uses the Three Pillars of Improv™ to teach your team how to be more effective in their careers.

Our Belief

Our Belief

Everyone can do improv.

Yes, everyone.  In every non-scripted conversation you’ve ever had, you were doing improv.  We can teach you how to use the tools improv actors use on stage to make your team even stronger.

Our experiential learning model will help your team function more effectively, cooperatively, and consistently.

It’s our belief that when new skills are learned, the best way to incorporate them into your life is to get up and play with them. We create a fun, safe environment to do some “Try-Ons” and get comfortable using the tools of the improviser.

This is not a workshop about how to be clever or a training about how to write jokes.  We create fun activities where everyone participates and learns how to use improvisational tools to create stronger teams.

Our Training

Our training is not about what makes improv funny.

Rather, we teach you the tools that make improvisational theater successful because they are the exact same tools you can immediately implement to make your business more successful.

Don’t worry, we’ll still have lots of fun!

► Communicate more effectively
► Raise your employee engagement survey scores
► Reduce barriers to success, increase acceptance
► Create Win / Win situations out of habit
► Improv(e) your sales interactions
► Increase creativity with an energy of agreement
► Present in a more powerful, confident, and dynamic fashion
► Learn to love spontaneity, adaptability, and change
► Build a winning office culture
► Host more effective client meetings
► Find the antidote to negativity
► Be an awesomely, amazing team
► Transform the way you’re perceived by co-workers and clients

Our Method

Our workshops are custom designed to be results-oriented and fun.  To ensure your success, we present our workshops using four steps:


Why on Earth are we doing improv?

We work with you to custom design your training and set learning objectives for each activity so we’re sure to meet your specific learning goals throughout the workshop.

Each activity in the workshop starts out with a discussion focused on the purpose and learning objectives for the activity we’ll be doing.


Let's have some fun!

Studies show: The best way to learn is to get up out of your seat and have a first-hand experience.   Our workshops are only about 20% lecture, the rest of the time is designed to be very experiential and fun. 

Depending on the workshop, activities may be done with another person, in small groups of 5 to 10 people, or we may split the entire group into two large teams.


That was fun, now let’s check out the purpose!

After each activity, there’s a debriefing session where we’ll look back at what just happened and your team’s experience.

We facilitate a discussion about the activity’s main learning points, look at how the activity brought those points to life, and highlight steps your team can take to incorporate their learnings into their lives.

Next Steps:

Bring improvisation to the real world...

For new habits to form it can take anywhere from 21 days (If you believe Zig Ziglar) to an average of 66 days (if you like your facts to be from somewhere like the European Journal of Social Psychology).

We’ll help you to set up a plan of attack around how to bring these improv techniques into your life on a daily basis.


Our Recent Customers

Check out the feedback they’ve given us, or read a recent case study about how our workshops created a “fantastic experience”.

Our Recent Customers

Check out the feedback they’ve given us, or read a recent case study about how our workshops are a “fantastic experience”.

Our Team

Steve DuberchinPresident, CEOWorkshop Facilitator
Steve Duberchin
President, CEO
Workshop Facilitator
ImprovThis TeamSteve Duberchin and Sue PontarelliBusiness Relationship Manager
ImprovThis Team
Steve Duberchin and
Sue Pontarelli
Business Relationship Manager

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Our Purpose: ImprovThis empowers people to communicate effectively and build a winning culture.

Our Mission: We create fun, hands-on workshop style training sessions to build closer, more collaborative teams.
We strive to be the best at what we do and are constantly working to exceed our client's expectations.

Our Core Values: Fun