Get to know us a little better

Get to know us a little better

The Path to ImprovThis!

Steve tells his story about ImprovThis and how he came to create the workshops.

Our Team – About Us
Steve Duberchin, President and CEO of ImprovThis
  • For the past few decades I’ve held many roles my MBA successfully prepared me for.  I was having fun working in corporate America and was privileged to have jobs at companies on the Fortune 50 and the Ad Age 50 lists over the years.  Perhaps it’s because I wanted to be a jack-of-all-trades in my career, but as a lifelong learner the positions I went after tended to follow my professional curiosity of that moment.  Those roles brought me through diverse array of departments over the years including finance, information technology, product development, project management, and I finally ended up in marketing strategy. 

Questions and answers with Steve about ImprovThis, training and other tidbits:

What did you want to accomplish when you started ImprovThis!?

When I did my research and looked at the state of corporate training I saw a bunch of options available to companies.  The deeper I looked, the more I thought I had a unique background and approach to corporate training, one that no-one else really had.   
I wanted to create a fun, energizing, and creative set of workshops where people could learn to communicate in a passionate way and build closer, more collaborative teams everywhere in their lives.


What types of training did your company provide at your last job?

What are your experiences with team building trainings?

How is an ImprovThis workshop designed to provide an experience different from other corporate training?

How else did you want ImprovThis! to be different that what you’ve experienced?

How can your improv exercises help build better teams and strong leaders?

Wait a minute.  You’re just making this up as you go?

Do you have us ask for a suggestion and then tell jokes about… say… a banana?

Is ImprovThis! going to put on an improvised comedy show for us?

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